Afrikaans | Namibia

Afrikaans | South Africa

!Xun | Namibia

!Xun | South Africa

Ju|'hoansi | Namibia

Omaheke Ju|'hoansi | Namibia

Khoekhoegowab | Namibia

Khoekhoegowab | South Africa

Khwedam | Namibia

Khwedam | South Africa

Otjiherero | Namibia

Himba | Namibia

Developed in partnership with Megan Laws, Samuel Marks, Ben Begbie-Clench, Kerry Jones of African Tongue and the Kalahari Peoples Fund. See Contacts and Materials  for additional credits.

© These materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license 4.0 International.

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